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June 18 : Satish Jain Unleashed ! live surgery demo. : glomus jugulare Surgery.

detailed Imaging discussion , role of embolization - settles once & for all. Fine & superfine details of Facial Nerve Transposition - consider it as a PhD on facial nerve for a middle ear surgeon & much more !!!

BUT BUT BUT ... also lookout for JUNE 21

Sunday .

10 am to maybe 6 pm or 7 pm - The Magic Spell begins.


solo performance!

The Mortzart Of Dissection presents

A SurgiCal Symphony. Fresh Cadaver Dissection of Nose , PNS & Anterior Skull Base !!! More details about this Sunday event to follow on Thursday evening . Note : anyone else dreaming of organising any other event on Sunday June 21 : keep it just that - let it remain a dream. & not a reality !

This Performance by this Mad Man from India is going to be so overflowing with absolute practical surgical wisdom - that it will drown any other event that dares to stare it in the eye.

DrNasser Alozaib
pk sahu
Udbhav Mittal


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