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Dear friends you are invited to the much awaited *"Complete otology"* live surgical demonstration webinar of the year* *Sunday 6th September 10 am (IST) onwards -** “THE EAR “ Everything that’s Dear & Near To The Knowledge Of The Ear Surgery. To Demolish The Fear ! Detailed rich knowledge on External Ear Microtia-Atresia , stapes & tympanosclerosis . Cholesteatoma & Mastoid Surgery. Cochlear Implant Surgery and facial nerve in it’s finest practical details. A single day in which , arguably , first time ever , an academic event will cover the *External Ear , middle ear & inner ear* . A day invested in an Ear to give knowledge for many a Year ! * *Faculty* Dr Satish jain Dr Rajeev Pachauri Dr Ashesh Bhumkar Dr Ashim Desai *Moderators* Dr Deepak Haldipur Dr Ravi Ramalingam Event Dedicated To Founding Fathers of Otology in India : Dr ABR Desai Dr K K Ramalingam Dr P G Vishwanathan Dr N K Muzumdaar Dr SK Kakkar Register in advance *(Free)* for faster updates at- **


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