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Dear friends ... It's a pleasure to announce another very interesting webinar for the first time covering each and every aspect in *Anatomy* of Sinuses and beyond *Live Endoscopic dissection demonstration of Nose,Paranasal sinuses and beyond on fresh frozen cadaver* *Part 1* *Highlights would be* -In depth discussion on *anatomy* of PNS and instrumentation. -Demonstration of *various surgical approaches* to different sinuses with clinical correlation -Extended *endoscopic and open approaches* to frontal sinus with clinical correlation -Demonstration of various *intra and extranasal flaps* for skull base reconstruction -Demonstration of *anatomy* and *surgical approaches* to pterygopalatine fossa, infratemporal fossa and parapharyngeal space -Demonstration of inside *anatomy* of orbit and various endoscopic approaches -Demonstration of skullbase anatomy. *Date : *21st June 2020* Sunday *Time* : *11 AM* *(IST)* *05.30 AM* *GMT* Operating surgeon : *Dr Satish Jain*,Jaipur Speakers : *Dr Rajeev Pachauri,Agra* *Dr.Samir Bhargava,Mumbai* International faculty: *Prof. Prepagaran Narayanan* University of Malaysia World renowned endoscopic skullbase surgeon Moderator : *Dr Paramita Saha,Mumbai* Link :

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